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A small j-music mp3 rotation

mp3 rotation Fukai no Yami
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Welcome to fukainoyami!!
This is a j-music (mostly j-rock) mp3 rotation site. It's maintained by in_monochrome & kagechii.

Before you do anything else, please read the following stuff and the rules:

A] About the DOWNLOADS:

1) These mp3s are for sample purposes only. Please delete them after 48-72 hours.

2) If you like the songs, then please support the artists and buy their CDs! You can find them on these sites:
YesAsia | CD Japan | HMV Japan | Third Stage | Amazon Japan. ♥

3) We update monthly.

4) We will upload the files on
Rapidshare | Megaupload | Sendspace | YouSendIt | 4shared | GigaSize | zSHARE | Mediafire
Whatever lets us upload.


6) If you take anything, PLEASE leave a comment.
It will help us to find out what you like and what to upload next.

B] About the REQUEST:

1) If you like to request a song please have a look at in_monochrome's playlist and/or at kagechii's playlist.

2) Don't be stupid and try to request something that isn't in our playlists. How should we upload something we don't have? xD; We try to update our playlists as often as it's possible, so watch out!

3) "Where to post my request?" Post it as a comment in the latest rotation post.

4) We grant each of you four song requests at a time.

5) Trading is allowed (of course!)

Again I'd like to point this out: We have two playlists, since we are two persons who own this mp3 rotation. Both playlist are different. Not comepletely different, but if you can't find a song/PV/clip in the one playlist please also have a look at the other playlist.
in_monochrome's playlist
kagechii's playlist

Our affiliates:
(All of these links should work - inactive rotations will be removed)

The links out:

Sunday aftahnoon // Broken Coda // Dance Macabre // Strange fruits // Sophisnerd //
Lyrical Show Time // Love Nicotine // a little pain // Tokyo Shinjuu // Hard Lolita // Voiceless Screaming

And... we finally joined...:

ongaku #


Wanna link us?
Drop us a line if you'd care to exchange links or become affiliates! We would love you forever! :3
Below are the buttons you can use to link us; please upload them to your own server. Thanks! <3





Credit for layout coding goes to fruitstyle.
Credit for the header goes to in_monochrome
Credit for the moodtheme goes to mizugazipan.
Credit for the signature goes to greenmoon666