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A small j-music mp3 rotation
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19th-Mar-2009 05:54 pm - ROTATION #27
New layout, new header, new icons, new update, new songs. Fukai no Yami is back and shines in all it's glory now!
Yes, we're back and bringing you a brand new music update with lots of delicious stuff.
One would think it's easy to update a monthly rotation, but it's not always, believe me. We plan to keep this rotation alive as long as we both are listening to Jrock. So hopefully forever |D; Even though we're letting you wait sometimes.

Well, let's see. 14 uploads hide under these cuts and... wait, no requests? I know it always takes ages a while until you guys get your stuff, because we're so lame, but... but... D:

Anywaaaaay~ I'll do us all a favor and shut up now.
Please grab as much as you can from this rotation. ...and then run! ♥

This thing has started counting on 2008-12-23.
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in_monochrome's picks: school food punishment, RADWIMPS, ensoku, THE KIDDIE, SHINee, the studs, Dir en grey~Collapse )

kagechii's picks: the GazettE, ACIDMAN, D'espairsRay, alice nine., SID, BREAKERZ, Girugamesh~Collapse )

And of course: Please leave a comment, if you take something.
Feel free to add Fukai no Yami to your friendslist, if you like to. We'd be glad!

[Dir en grey]
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